ARINC 818 recorder multi-channel

arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Europa Titan
arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Europa 1
arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Titan 1
arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Europa Titan
arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Europa 1
arinc 818 recorder multi channel - Titan 1

Europa & Titan

GRT’s high-performance Europa and Titan systems bring advanced capabilities to simulation labs, engineering development, factory production—even pilot training and flight testing.
GRT’s new Titan TI-04 configuration can manage 8 ARINC 818 recording and playback channels. Other GRT systems can be factory configured for protocol analysis, robustness testing, and much more.
Each system has several base configurations with extensive options to cover program needs. GRT configures your system with Matrix/Matrix Plus boards to match your program ICDs.



Cockpit simulation labsX
Engineering developmentXX
Qualification testingXX
Flight testsXX
Factory productionX
Maintenance and repairX
Flight simulators/pilot trainingX


Cards (Matrix, GPS, RAID, video and Xf Tuner cards)1–41–16
ARINC 818 channels1–41–16
ARINC 818 recording channels11–8
Terabyte storage1-210–24


Video captureXX
Video conversionXX
Video record/playbackXX
Video playoutX
Video generationXX
Protocol analysisXX
Robustness testingXX
Remote controlXX
Data removalX

ARINC 818 protocol

ARINC 818: Avionics digital video bus

The ARINC 818 video interface and protocol standard serves high-bandwidth, low-latency, uncompressed digital video transmission.

The standard has been advanced by ARINC and the aerospace community to meet the stringent needs of high-performance digital video. The protocol was adopted, prior to its official release, by major aerospace and military programs, and has become the de facto standard for high-performance military video systems.

For more information on the ARINC 818 protocol:


Channels’ number 4, 16
Form Factor Box
Interface ARINC 818, DVI
Rate 1,0625 Gbps, 2,125 Gbps, 3,1875 Gbps, 4,25 Gbps, 5 Gbps, 6,375 Gbps, 8,5 Gbps
Supplier Great River Technology
  • Europa delivers ruggedness and high portability to ARINC 818 engineering development, qualification testing and flight tests. Europa is factory configured to support 1 or 2 of the following functions :
    • robustness testing
    • video and protocol analysis
    • video capture/record/playback
    • video generation
  • Titan rugged system delivers unprecedented capacity for demanding ARINC 818 applications. GRT will configure 1 of 4 of the following base systems to meet your needs :
    • TI-01, TI-04 : multi-channel record/playback system
    • TI-02 : development PC preloaded with customer-specified functions, up to 8 cards
    • TI-03 : multi-channel converter up to 16 cards

Please refer to datasheet for more information about features, functions and options.