Defense, Know-how

Specialist in signal acquisition and pre-processing in real-time, TECHWAY has developed high-tech product ranges for Defense key accounts.

Since 2003, TECHWAY has been conducting many R&D projects in close collaboration with Defense customers and partners. Our innovative product lines are the result of our engineering activities in this sector that have been driven by the demanding requirements of our customers.

In 2009, TECHWAY became a manufacturer by launching the first FPGA board with a FMC connector (VITA 57.1). This range of “knife-Swiss” boards becomes a reference for Defense key accounts.

2014 is a second transition year in our manufacturer’s adventure. TECHWAY puts at the service of THALES its know-how in the simplification of FPGA technology. We have designed a line of ready-to-use boxes with a user-friendly interface that provides access to the capabilities of FPGA technology without prior knowledge or programming.

Pioneering the implementation of the FMC standard, our expertise is supported by the recent allocation of a RAPID subsidy from the DGA for our 28 Gbps multi-link mezzanine board project. These boards are developed with Defense key players.

In parallel, we have built a renowned business partners network to deliver forward-thinking product lines to our customers. Thanks to our team of specialized engineers, we are able to integrate these products to create the best solution for your needs.

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