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Key player in the Machine Vision for 10+ years, TECHWAY puts its expertise at the service of industrial markets by offering today the technologies of tomorrow
The Machine Vision is part of the TECHWAY DNA. For 10+ years, our team has been building technological and commercial partnerships with Vision key accounts, such as Matrox Imaging or ISVI Corp for France distribution. Thanks to the implementation of simple or complex applications in multiple industries (glass, wood, paper, luxury, etc.), we have strengthened our know-how until the launch of an integrated vision processor boards range in September 2018.

TECHWAY wants to reinvent Machine Vision applications via FPGA technology by offering a products range that simplifies the FPGA adoption by vision integrators. We rely on the technology of tomorrow to evolve vision systems, making them more efficient.

sFPDP vs 10 Gb Ethernet

This article was first written by Patrick Mechin (CEO of TECHWAY) & Philippe Marvin (Field Application Engineer at TECHWAY), and then edited by Jerry Gipper (Editorial Director of VITA Technologie...

RAVEN : VITA 17.3 sFPDP board

Overview sFPDP (Serial Front Panel Data Port) is a VITA standard (VITA 17.3-2018) serial communications protocol for use in high-bandwidth systems. RAVEN platform is a VITA 17.3 sFPDP board fully dime...

DragonEYE : multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition

Overview DragonEYE is a multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition and pre-processing board designed to meet high-speed inspection applications. Its unique vision processor integrates pre-processing on the...