DragonEYE : multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition


DragonEYE is a multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition and pre-processing board designed to meet high-speed inspection applications.

Its unique vision processor integrates pre-processing on the board to offload computer processors.


Machine vision applications classify items of all sizes at ever increasing rates. Vision-based sorting is ideally suited for non-destructive inspection.

multi-camera gige vision acquisition - gateau

Multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition
for high-speed inspection applications


It is difficult to acquire at a high rate and make a correct and timely verdict when the conveyors speed is several meters per second. In this respect, it is difficult to acquire at a high-rate and make a correct and timely verdict.

If the result of image processing is given with a few milliseconds delay, an item normally considered defective may not be ejected from the production line.

In another case, if several elements are sorted at the same time, it is necessary to synchronize the different outputs in order to send the right information to the ejectors synchronously.

Solution with our multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition board

Camera control applications process an ever-increasing amount of information that is limited by the real-time processing capabilities of computers. To exceed this limited bandwidth, DragonEYE board allows multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition (matrix or linear) and pre-processing.

DragonEYE is FPGA-based. This powerful real-time technology offers the possibility to offload the CPU by integrating video frame decoding and image pre-processing. The FPGA allows the parallelization of the calculations and the determinism of the results: the images arrive regularly on the CPU, and the verdict is sent to the outputs (I/O) of the board always at the same rate and zero jitter.


Using DragonEYE, the CPU is offloaded and focused on image analysis to detect defective elements in the fastest possible way.

DragonEYE board, integrated into the system, ensures reliable multi-camera GigE Vision acquisition and real-time control for sorting multiple elements on a high-speed production line.


DragonEYE is the answer to a high-speed and real-time issue that was previously unattainable with a PC or PC + GPU based solution.

Its “plug-and-play” format enables all Vision developers to focus on their applications by pushing the limits of their equipment, for a competitive quality/price/performance ratio.

How to offload CPU and to win capacities for your application image processing ?

Discover DragonEYE in only 2 minutes through this video.