Avionics, Know-how

TECHWAY has established itself as the European leader in ARINC 818 avionics video protocol.

Since 2003, our know-how for the implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions has introduced TECHWAY to sectors in search of the most efficient technologies. The mastery of these technologies brings us to the realization of R&D development projects proposed by key accounts in the aerospace sector.

Our presence in the avionics markets takes a new dimension in 2008 through the signing of a commercial and technical partnership with Great River Technology, co-inventor and leader of the ARINC 818 protocol, digital video communication bus for avionics. We invite you to discover this protocol on our site entirely dedicated to ARINC 818 : ARINC-818.eu

One year after the start of our manufacturer adventure, our partnership with Great River Technolgy was strengthened by the development of the first ARINC 818 10 inputs / 10 outputs switch for the Airbus A350 certification program.

TECHWAY is today the European leader in the ARINC 818 protocol and continues to develop innovative projects and products for multiple aeronautical and space players.

ARINC 818 : Avionics Digital Video Bus

Overview On board of a modern aircraft, cockpit video equipment manufacturers are implementing ARINC 818 protocol, an avionics digital video bus that offers high bandwidth, low latency, and uncompress...