ARINC 818 switch

SPIDER ARINC 818 switch
ARINC 818 switch - Schema SPIDER ARINC 10X10
ARINC 818 switch - Schema SPIDER ARINC 4X4 6X6
PANTERA ARINC 818 switch
SPIDER ARINC 818 switch
ARINC 818 switch - Schema SPIDER ARINC 10X10
ARINC 818 switch - Schema SPIDER ARINC 4X4 6X6
PANTERA ARINC 818 switch


TECHWAY offers a wide range of ARINC 818 switch for ARINC 818 video switching in real-time. TECHWAY (France) & Great River Technology (USA) have joined forces to offer a wide range of ARINC 818 switch designed to simplify multi-destination and multi-source architectures.

The ARINC 818 switch are built on the FPGA technology associated with very high-density optical interfaces. All the switch ensure that video frames remain intact and void of corruption during switching.

SPIDER Gen2 is compliant with ARINC 818 Supplement 2 and supports link rate up to 8,5 Gbps. SPIDER Gen2 is available now up to 4,25 Gbps and up to 6,375 Gbps in Q3 2021 and 8,5 Gbps in Q4 2021.

These solutions are ICD independent. The link rate and virtualization configuration are set at the order.

These ARINC 818 switch are used on major aircraft equipment programs.

Technical sheet


  • Laboratory test equipment
  • Test bench (Production, Qualification, Certification)
  • ARINC 818 R&D support, prototyping


  • Real-time
  • Low-latency switching
  • Low propagation delay
  • Switching virtualization capability
  • Easy-to-use :
    • Monitoring and command via Ethernet
    • Easy configuration
    • TECHWAY support
  • Ready-to-use :
    • Stand-alone use
    • Rackable

Key features

  • Link rate available : 1.0625, 2.125, 3.1875, 4.25 (available), 6.375 (available Q3 2021), 8.5 (available Q4 2021) Gbps
  • Optional test pattern (on demand)
  • ARINC 818 Supplement 2 compliant
  • Real-time link monitoring and error counter
  • Cmd/Ctrl by embedded SNMP or Web server
  • Low-latency switching
  • Unicast, multicast and broadcast
  • Operating temperature range : 0°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature range : -55°C to 125°C
  • CE mark


SPIDER specifications

  • Switch control 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • 10 inputs and 10 outputs channels
  • Embedded SNMP v3 and Web server
  • Several virtual configurations (10×10 or 4×4+6×6 or 2×2+8×8)
  • Power supply (120V-240V) and DC (28V-48V)
  • LC optical connectors (850nm)
  • 1U 19” rack format

PANTERA specifications

  • Switch control 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • 4 inputs and 4 outputs channels

ARINC 818 protocol

ARINC 818: Avionics digital video bus

The ARINC 818 video interface and protocol standard serves high-bandwidth, low-latency, uncompressed digital video transmission.

The standard has been advanced by ARINC and the aerospace community to meet the stringent needs of high-performance digital video. The protocol was adopted, prior to its official release, by major aerospace and military programs, and has become the de facto standard for high-performance military video systems.

For more information on the ARINC 818 protocol:

Rate 1,0625 Gbps, 2,125 Gbps, 3,1875 Gbps, 4,25 Gbps, 6,375 Gbps, 8,5 Gbps
Form Factor Box, Module
Supplier TECHWAY, Great River Technology
Interface ARINC 818
Link Optical fiber
Channels’ number 10, 4
  • SPIDER2_A818
    ARINC 818 Switch, 10 inputs/10 outputs, 1U 19” rack.
    Annual warranty extension for SPIDER.
  • PA-A8-XX-XX-XX
    ARINC 818 Pantera Switch, 4 inputs/4 outputs.

Xilinx Member

TECHWAY is a Xilinx Certified Partner since 2017. Discover SPIDER on Xilinx Portal.