NOTURB® : nuclear core inspection tool


NOTURB® station is a real-time video deblurring and processing system specially designed for live nuclear core inspection. It enhances image quality by removing thermal blur thanks to a unique and innovative algorithm developed by EDF R&D. Thanks to NOTURB®, the user considerably reduces maintenance time and cost.


Over the years, EDF has faced several incidents during the refueling in the nuclear core. The fuel rods remained stuck to the tank cover when the tank was opened.

Live nuclear core inspections are essential during the refueling to avoid this kind of incident and limit maintenance.

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Video deblurring tool for live nuclear core inspection


The fuel rods are immersed in a subaquatic environment to control the nuclear reaction. The heat generated between the rods causes thermal turbulences. These turbulences blur the live inspection video, impacting the video analysis. This thermal blur makes it difficult to identify fuel rods or foreign materials.

Solution with our nuclear core inspection tool

NOTURB® station was designed from a close collaboration between EDF R&D and TECHWAY.

EDF R&D has developed and patented an image processing algorithm to eliminate the blur caused by thermal turbulences. In 2008, EDF R&D requested TECHWAY for its know-how in real-time image processing to design the ideal industrial solution based on this algorithm.

TECHWAY, with the support of EDF R&D, has developed a real-time image acquisition and processing application based on an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) to simplify its use for operators.

NOTURB® station is compliant with the existing camera system for a quick and easy integration.


During live nuclear core inspections, NOTURB® station eliminates video blur caused by turbulences, and video noise (white pixel) due to radiation.

Additional functions such as contrast enhancement, recording of raw and processed videos, full screen mode or zoom mode, … allow more efficient work from maintenance operators during fuel assemblies. NOTURB® also serves a valuable purpose for the operators in assembly identification and enables them to make accurate gap measurements.


NOTURB® is a real maintenance assistance and video deblurring tool. The station is already deployed across the 19 EDF operated PWR plants in France. It is also used in the United States by the leading American nuclear power plants.

Its unique functionalities and performances have been proven and approved by its users.