VITA Technologies Resource Guide 2023

High-Speed Communications – Our VITA 57.4 Optical FPGA Mezzanine Cards are published in the VITA Technologies Resource Guide 2023 issue

Discover TECHWAY’s Optical FPGA Mezzanine Cards (FMCs) designed to high-speed and high-density challenges.

Our FMCs feature dedicated optical interfaces, offering high-bandwidth data communication for advanced SoC/FPGA families. 100% VITA 57.4 compliant, our FMCs can be integrate on any carrier boards with FMC+ connectors. Experience ready-to-integrate solutions with no specific firmware requirements and included firmware development fit with example designs. Multiple protocoles operate on one-board programmable thanks to multi-clock generator.

Two product lines to fit your needs:

  • Our TigerFMCs, delivering 4 full duplex links @ 25 Gbps, for industrial applications
  • Our rugged WildcatFMCs, designed for MIL-AERO applications with C-MTITAN connectors

Level-up your applications with high-speed optical communications capabilities thanks to TECHWAY’s optical FMCs.

VITA Technologies Resource Guide 2023
VITA Technologies Resource Guide 2023

Optical FMC product range