Zynq board Development Kit

Zynq board Development Kit - PFP ZU DK
Zynq board Development Kit - PFP ZU DK

PFP-ZU+ Development Kit

The PFP-ZU+ Development Kit (DK_PFP-ZU+) has been developed to allow users, both novices and experts in Zynq technology, to easily implement the unique features of the Zynq architecture.
The DK_PFP-ZU+ is composed by:
• All the documentations of the product.
• The TECHWAY’s Reference Design (Vivado/Vitis/PetaLinux).
• The Development Kit, DK_TwPCIe_ZU+, allowing to integrate the TECHWAY’s PCIe API.
The development kit contains example to start your project quickly.

Technical sheet
Signal softwares
Function Development Kit, Board Support Package
OS Windows, Linux
Supplier TECHWAY