TigerFMC featured on SAMTEC FMC+ Ecosystem

TECHWAY is pleased to see the TigerFMC, high-speed optical FPGA Mezzanine Card, as part of SAMTEC FMC+ Ecosystem.

SAMTEC FMC+ Ecosystem
SAMTEC FMC+ Ecosystem on SAMTEC webiste

High-speed optical communications are becoming more popular and necessary in many applications : Datacom, Broadcast, Avionics, Defense, Industrial and Instrumentation. TECHWAY has designed and developed the TigerFMC, an FMC/FMC+ module for extended temperature applications.

TigerFMC takes advantage of the optical evolutions in FMC+ technologies. It represents a next-generation solution for rugged, extended temperature, on-board optical transceivers.

TigerFMC supports up to 12 full duplex optical links at up to 25 Gbps per link. It integrates SAMTEC’s FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ optical transceiver to achieve aggregate throughput of 336 Gbps, making TigerFMC one of the fastest FMC+ modules on the market.

TigerFMC is fully compliant with the VITA 57.4 standard. Ready-to-use, it can be easily integrated into VPX systems or new architectures.