ARINC 818 Training – Aerospace Tech Week 2021

ATW 2021 - ARINC 818 Training

Join us in Toulouse and take part to the Great River Technology’s ARINC 818 training

November 3-4, TECHWAY and its partner Great River Technology (GRT), global leader of ARINC 818 video protocol, will organize a hands-on workshop : “Designing, simulating and testing ARINC 818 interfaces”.

2 days of Exhibition and Conference to discover our wide-range of products dedicated to ARINC 818 video protocol: frame grabber, generator, converter, switch, analyzer, recorder, flyable equipment and IP core.

This hands-on workshop will provide a deep dive into the ARINC 818 protocol, and its applications. It is appropriate for system architects, avionics engineers and production test engineers. This workshop will provide valuable information that draws from GRT’s experience as the world leader in ARINC 818 tools and systems. Participants will get experience using the most advanced ARINC 818 tools available. Be careful, spots are limited !

Join us on booth 611 and discover our ARINC 818 solutions and live demos.

For more information about the event, click here.